Rare ALIENS Set Photos of James Remar

Rare ALIENS Set Photos of James Remar

James Cameron’s 1986 film Aliens was one of the best Alien movies we have seen ever! The movie was released with Michael Biehn in the role of Marine squad Leader Corporal Dwayne Hicks. But before Biehn came along, James Remar had originally been cast in the role. He shot many scenes for the movie before he get fired, Why he was fired was a topic of debate at the time.

Today we have a set of rare photos from the movie that feature Remar as Hicks.

Rare ALIENS Set Photos of James Remar

When Remar was let go from Aliens, it was said that it was because of “creative differences,” but the actor told the Sidebar podcast a few years ago that the real reason was his drug addiction.

I had a terrible drug problem, but I got through it. I had a great career and personal life, and messed it up with a terrible drug habit… I was initially cast as Corporal Hicks, and I was fired after a couple weeks of filming because I got busted for possession of drugs, and Michael Biehn replaced me.


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