Rare Alternate and Deleted Scenes From Tim Burton’s BEETLEJUICE


Beetlejuice is one of the best Tim Burton movies and I love it so much. it is all sorts of fun and silly. I know there are many fans of the movie out there, so I thought you might want to watch some rare early workprints from the film. What’s excellent about these is that they offer some cool substitute footage and deleted scenes from the movie that I’ve never seen before. Check them out below.

These clips are from the original workprint of the film, which interestingly enough is two minutes shorter than the version that was released in theaters. IMDB breaks down the four major differences between this version of the film:

This version of the film runs around 2 minutes shorter than the theater release, has a few extra scenes and is missing some. This version has 4 major differences.

Alternate scene: The scene were Adam attempts to leave the house after he and his wife die is different. Instead of a desert he sees empty darkness filled with rolling cogs.

Extra Scenes: There is an added scene were Lydia is developing the pictures she took of Adam and Barbra. Then after her mother yells at her and blames her for cutting holes in her sheets Lydia runs upstairs and tries to convince her dad the pictures are real. There is an added 10 seconds after the adults were in the attic searching for the ghost were we see the desert monster trying to eat Adam and Barbra as they hang from the attic window.

Finally there is an extra 2 minute scene at the end were we see Lydia riding her bike home from school and her parents talking to Jane on the phone telling her they do not want to sell the house.

Side note: Lydia’s dancing scene is cut short in this version, and there is no scene with Beetlejuice in the waiting room.

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