Read Stephen King’s Short Story – A DEATH

Read Stephen King’s Short Story - A DEATH

Stephen King is written a new short story for you. It’s a western thriller called A Death. The story is set in the Black Hills of Dakota in 1889. It tells the story of a murder of a young girl, and the man, Jim Trusdale, who is suspected of killing her.

Here’s a brief summary of the story:

“The story hinges on the question of guilt. Trusdale repeatedly proclaims his innocence. Most of the town’s citizens are convinced that he’s guilty, yet the sheriff believes that an innocent man may be going to his death.”

Here is the glimpse of the story below:

Jim Trusdale had a shack on the west side of his father’s gone-to-seed ranch, and that was where he was when Sheriff Barclay and half a dozen deputized townsmen found him, sitting in the one chair by the cold stove, wearing a dirty barn coat and reading an old issue of the Black Hills Pioneer by lantern light. Looking at it, anyway.

Sheriff Barclay stood in the doorway, almost filling it up. He was holding his own lantern. “Come out of there, Jim, and do it with your hands up. I ain’t drawn my pistol and don’t want to.”

I will be reading it on my iPad, If you want to read it as well then you can here.

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