Real Jurassic World Exhibit Now Open in Philadelphia

Jurassic World: The Exhibition, an immersive experience that aims to transport visitors to the dinosaur-populated island of movie infamy, with less deadly results.

The installation, which opened to sell-out crowds earlier this year at Australia’s Melbourne Museum, features life-sized animatronic creatures based on species and settings from the Jurassic films.

Ranging from adorable baby Parasaurolophus in an incubation chamber to a towering, 24-foot-tall Brachiosaurus to the fearsome T.rex, the specimens were designed by the team behind the acclaimed Walking With Dinosaurs tour in conjunction with esteemed paleontologist Jack Horner, who served as technical advisor on the movies and helps provide scientific context to go along with the visceral thrills.

Real Jurassic World Exhibit

Jurassic World Front Gates

Visitors pass through this portal, modeled on the tram entrance from Jurassic World, into the exhibition.


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