Real-Life Magnetic Field Hoverboard

Real-Life Magnetic Field Hoverboard (2)

Love the flying hoverboard from Back To The Future? If yes then you are in luck, The board from the future is becoming a reality after too many of hoaxes and optical illusions. Meet Hendo Hoverboard.

This is the Kickstarter for the Hendo Hoverboard, a board that can hover about an inch off the ground using four magnetic field inducing engines. The other catch is, the board only hovers on non-ferromagnetic surfaces like copper and aluminum.. That’s the drawback. Serious drawback considering sidewalks are made out of concrete. It’s a real hoverboard and $10,000. Don’t have $10,000? Me neither. But $100 will get you a 5-minute ride, $1,000 will get you an hour-long ride, and $299 will get you a developer’s kit containing a box with one of their engines so you can tinker with the thing yourself. You can read an Engadget reporter’s experience getting to try the board HERE.

Source: Geekologie

Real-Life Magnetic Field Hoverboard

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