Real-Time Simulation of the Titanic Sinking, The Silence is Unnerving

2016-04-18 10_52_40

Video game recreation of the sinking of the Titanic — which killed more than 1,500 passengers and crew a little over 100 years ago. The questions through the two and a half hours of footage (above) from Titanic: Honor and Glory, a “fully interactive recreation of the most famous ship in history.”

The full game will allow players to not only explore the ship before and during its sinking, but investigate a recreation of the streets of Southampton before boarding for their ill-fated journey. The ambition is so comically grand that I assume the developers must truly believe in its pursuit — otherwise why invest resources into an almost tedious degree of detail. Take for example this breakdown of which parts of the ship have been modeled, are in-progress, or haven’t been started.

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