Realistic Hand-Carved Wood Sculptures Of People By Peter Demetz

Realistic Hand-CarvedWood Sculptures Of People

Want to see something incredible and mind-boggling midweek? Meet Italian artist Peter Demetz who can create something really incredible out of wood, His wooden sculptures of people are amazingly lifelike and looks like these people will start walking any minute now.

Demetz’s accurate and absolute mastery of the human body makes his artwork look like paintings, and his excellent compositions and sense of view of the subject will help perpetuate this illusion almost like magic. The grain of the wood and its warm colors, however, give them tactile features that would be hard to fake with paint.

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I think there is so much what we communicate with our body, our posture, our individual motions,” Peter Demetz told Bored Panda

“People tell us a lot about their emotional status through their figures. This is what inspires me”

“I love using waiting, looking or reflecting people because they tell no stories, they give us a perception of the soul”

“When they are watching an empty wall or a horizon without landscapes, we, like an audience, can imagine ourselves in the scene”

“I feel like my works are an invitation to enter the worlds of these people. To follow them in their own worlds”

“I use limewood. The sculptures take me from a few weeks to a few months depending on the size and composition”

Thank you, Peter Demetz, for answering our questions about your work!

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