Really Amazing Computer Stations

Amazing Computer work stations and play stations really geeky stuff, Love the setup of number 3!  If you have some of your own Submit to us and we include them in the next Episode, Which one you liked? Say in the comments.

1. Lrnflk on Reddit

 Really Amazing Computer Stations

Photograph and Setup by Lrnflk on Reddit

2. inappropriate_input on Reddit

five monitor computer setup all monitors set up in portrait style full wrap around view

five portrait computer monitor workstation set up

Photographs and Setup by inappropriate_input on Reddit

3. mrjoey35 on Reddit

Really Amazing Computer Stations

Photograph and Setup by mrjoey35 on Reddit

4. FightingInternet on Reddit

three monitor setup all landscape mounted to wall no cables showing

side view of three monitor setup showing the back of the monitors and how they are affixed to the wall

three monitor set up for racing game with steering wheel and pedals

Photographs and Setup by FightingInternet on Reddit

5. fperkins on Reddit

dual computer station setup in the same room all cables and wires are hidden from view

Photograph and Setup by fperkins on Reddit

6. heartbraden on Reddit

computer station setup with six monitors three on bottom three on top

Photograph and Setup by heartbraden on Reddit

7. element4life3 on Reddit

apple setup ipac macbok imac iphone

Photograph by element4life3 on Reddit

8. nx_2000 [Clean Dual-Monitor Desk] on Reddit

clean minimal computer station setup with standing speakers and dual monitors side by side

Photograph and Setup by nx_2000 [Clean Dual-Monitor Desk] on Reddit

9. teheranaway on Reddit

six monitor setup with two rows of three monitors each stacked on top of each other

Photograph and Setup by teheranaway on Reddit

10. mtrx3

clean computer station desk setup one laptop propped up and one monitor

Photograph and Setup by mtrx3

11. lrvick on Reddit

seven monitor setup with two rows of three stacked and one monitor portrait style to the side

Photograph and Setup by lrvick on Reddit

12. Geglamash on Reddit

one large monitor in the middle flanked by two portrait style monitors on each side

Photograph and Setup by Geglamash on Reddit

13. Shazim Mohammad

three monitor computer station set up with custom built cpu underneath

Photographs and Setup by Shazim Mohammad

14. clint_davis on Reddit

dual monitor setup one landscape one portrait clean desk space

Photograph and Setup by clint_davis on Reddit

15. PsalmLove on Reddit

backlit led monitors three setup

Photograph and Setup by PsalmLove on Reddit

16. GrayFawkes on Reddit

four monitor set up with three across and one very large monitor above

Photograph and Setup by GrayFawkes on Reddit

17. PoKnow on Reddit

six monitors all tiled inwards computer station setup four landscape two portrait style

Photograph and Setup by PoKnow on Reddit

18. Zhek Kromtor

15 monitors three rows of five stacked eve player 15 accounts

Photograph and Setup by Zhek Kromtor

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