Really Creative Billboards

beer billboard using light to create shadow of person reaching for a beer

Really Creative Billboards

All of the Creative billboards you ever want to see .. we did a post a while back and got alot of feedback to do a better well collected and new Billboards instead of old all over the web type Billboards ,

So after a long lost search here what we came up with .. Thanks to some of the Contributors and volunteers

Cheers to all .

billboard of person ripping up actual billboard with teeth to promote toothpaste

lego billboards made from actual lego pieces add creativity to landscape

Made from actual LEGO pieces!

hand coming out of billboard to grab heineken bottle

economist billboard with lightbulb that lights up when you walk past

billboard for magic show with top hat and birds coming out of it

There is birdseed in the top hat so it looks like birds are flying out of it!

snowborder doing big air grab off billboard

billboard with painter painting the sky

mars billboard tongue stuck to mars bar on a second billboard

the dark knight billboard

hot wheels billboard adds loop to highway

green billboard with plants to suck up carbon coca cola

billboard for razors showing grass cut leading up to billboard and giant razor

anti-billboard promoting clean space and air

creative billboard for people who stutter

billboard that shows tires smoking doing a burnout

american psycho business card billboard

billboard that only uses a small portion of the space to promote water conservation

mini car billboard for xenon lights shining into sky

billboard looks like pantone chip card of blue sky behind

bmw audi billboard war in los angeles

tylenol billboard with headache using big boulder

cnn billboard showing theres more to a story

billboard showing there is always more to a story

billboard with large slingshot telling backseat passengers to buckle up

billboard shows interrogation using billboards own light

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