Reasons AR and VR Will Be Ruling the Market in Coming Years

Virtual Reality

The two highly promising and immersive reality technologies, AR & VR have received huge traction of late. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are reshaping the face of technologically advanced future.

This has been proved by the fact that from Google to Facebook, every big tech giant is investing in these futuristic innovations. The potentials of Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s Hololens have been discussed at length in different conferences.

The hardware for AR/VR is not in the hands of every individual today, accepted.

But, the way these technologies are luring people with ‘never-seen-before’ miracle, its comprehensive use does not seem far-fetched. Both the technologies are exploring their gateways in the market. In our honest opinion, they have the caliber to make a massive impact on global progress.

The two technologies that seem all the same are very different when it comes to simulations created.

Virtual reality mentally teleports a user to an environment shown through the cardboard (hardware or eye gear) and makes them feel like they are actually there, thereby enhancing immersiveness and introducing depth. On the other hand, AR, Augmented Reality, is about incorporating the virtual objects or some information in the real world.

Now, the questions that might pop up in your mind must be, what will happen in future? How are these technologies supposed to take over the world of business? What about the perks that these two technologies can bring on the table of future growth?

Let’s talk these points out and know how AR & VR are ready to change the future.

New Take on Prototyping

Prototyping will take a huge turn towards growth. Companies will be able to see the final end results with the help of virtual reality. They’ll be able to see how their product will come out like, without investing a lot of money and human effort. This will increase productivity.

Prototyping done with the help of virtual reality will also help in getting proper and valuable end-user feedbacks. Feedbacks will further help to incorporate the desired changes for the users, before actually making the product. A win-win for businesses and consumers!

New Take on Reality

As the use of these technologies increases, our reality will change as well. Most of the companies and workplaces will be talking through presentations with the help of virtual reality. Augmented reality will help in providing manuals on fields to help installations and to ensure the smooth flow of work.

As both of them are already running towards the future with full force in the name of equipment, they do not seem to stop from changing the world on a large scale.

Hardware like Hololens, Vive Pre, Smart Helmet, Oculus Rift, etc. is already improving every day and the realistic touch is definitely going to lure the generation of future.

Working With Virtual Reality

What if a company is short of resources or accommodation in office? Should the work stop and the business be taken towards failure? Seems distressing, isn’t it? Not with VR. With the use of virtual reality, an individual can still get access to workplace developments and attend virtually the meetings. All this calls for a one-time investment where software is updated easily.

So, those facing lack of resources and low budget can massively benefit from these technologies.

 Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset Unveiled

Training Your Employees

Today, training employees, settled at different places, is a task that consumes a lot of resources. From building training rooms to hiring multiple trainers and arranging equipment for the training room, all expenses can be reduced by heaps with the help of VR.

For corporate training, it is easy to bring people from different cultures and places together on a platform.

It is quite useful for companies which have their branches all around the world. They can just take help of virtual reality and with the help of just one trainer, all the employees, sitting in different corners of the world can benefit from uniform training.

Also, VR and AR are known to have better retention rates and attention.

Virtual Reality

Google Translate: AR’s Boon To All

There are many miracles of VR and AR enjoyed by people. And, without any apprehensions, they seem to be improving every second.

For instance, if we talk about the boons of augmented reality, we simply can’t miss on google translate, due to which one does not have to worry about the language they are trying to read the text in. If you are dining at some Italian place and all you can see is an alien language, you can just open the google translate and read the menu on the screen in the language you are comfortable with. This real-time function of augmented reality application is totally a bliss.

virtual racing

VR’s Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop is another boon that we have on the list. VR has made it all worth it. You can just wear the screen on and witness your desktop screen anywhere. You can stretch it as much you want to. Now be it watching your party videos, browsing the web, or reading a document, you can do all in the way you want.

All these are just a few out of many that are taking over the world of entertainment, business, corporate training, and other fields. There are many fields to be explored yet. And, by looking at the current state of the market, AR & VR seem to be the best technology in the world presently. There is no step back from these advanced technologies.

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