Reasons Why You Need Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets

So, you’ve decided to enter into the world of photography and to some extent, you’ve even captured some eye-blowing photos. Now, the good thing is that you’re on the right track. The bad thing, however, is that you’re halfway done. Why? Because your new photos need to be edited to bring out the best elements, sharpness, and colors.

While there are many tools you can rely on, one of the best photo editing tools that offer a cutting-edge alternative is the lightroom presets. Now, why buy lightroom presets? You see, lightroom preset is the ultimate editing software that corrects colors and grades of armature photos to give them a professional appeal and probably make them stand out from the rest.

But, despite being a great time-saving tool, some photographers are a little bit skeptical about the authenticity of the lightroom preset and whether it’s a reliable tool worth investing in. So, to eliminate any doubt, this short post will detail what lightroom preset is, its benefits, how to install it, and lastly, how to use it to get the best results.


What Exactly is Lightroom Preset?

To those photographers that are quite unfamiliar with this technology, understanding what lightroom presets are is very important in your journey to professional photography. So, in simple terms, lightroom presets are templates or configurations of settings, which when applied, can transform the look and style of your photos.

Although we’ll discuss this later on, lightroom presets are very easy to use. All you need is to pick a pre-determined setting and apply it to your photos. With just a single click, this setting can transform the look of your photos by adding colors, hues, lightings, blurs, contrast, and shadows among others. What makes lightroom preset the best option is its simplicity, consistency, and hundreds of different pre-set alterations.


Features and Benefits of Using Lightroom Presets

Now that we’ve discussed what lightroom presets are, our next focus is to detail some of the features and benefits of using this technology in photography.

  1. It Saves You Time

The first feature and benefit of using lightroom preset is the amount of speed they offer. If you’re a professional photographer hired to take thousands of photos at a wedding or a graduation party, you’ll definitely expect to spend a lot of time editing each photo individually.

Thankfully, with lightroom presets, this is a thing of the past. With this technology, all you need is to highlight all the photos you want to edit then apply your customized presets. You can also decide to edit a few hundred photos individually then use the templates to edit the rest of the photos automatically.

  1. It’s Completely Customizable

Another feature of lightroom presets is that they’re entirely customizable. With such a tool, you’re offered the freedom to make customized adjustments, which when applied, make your photos match your personal taste and vision.

  1. Offers A lot of Consistency

As you transition from an armature to a professional photographer, consistency is one thing you really need to maintain. By being consistent, you give your photos a signature look that makes them appear authentic in the eyes of your customers.

To achieve this, you definitely need lightroom presets. With this technology, you can easily create customized settings, which when applied to a batch of photos will make them appear the same in terms of looks and feel.

  1. Very Easy to Use

When it comes to editing your photos, most people find it very hard to use editing tools. Amazingly, this is very different when it comes to lightroom presets. With this tool, all you need is to create customized presets then import them into your lightroom. From there, choose the presets you need to apply to your photos and proceed to do so.


How to Install and Use Lightroom Presets

How to Install the Tool

  • Step One: Start by downloading the preset tool. It comes in the form of a zip file, which you’ll have to unzip and save.
  • Step Two: Open lightroom and navigate to the “Develop Module” tab. Right-click this option to go to “File>Import Profiles and Presets”.
  • Step Three: Now navigate back to the zipped file you downloaded. Assuming you’ve already unzipped it, move directly to the folder that holds the XMP files and click “Import”.

How to Use the Tool

  • Step One: Start by selecting a photo then click on edit photo. Next, click Presets on the bottom column to open the Presets Panel.
  • Step Two: With the Presets Panel open, click a category that contains the effects you wish to apply. To see how the presets will transform your photos, hover through them without clicking on any. As you hover, you’ll notice that your selected photo will keep changing.
  • Step Three: Once you find the preferred preset, simply click on it to apply the changes.

As you can see, lightroom presets is a useful tool that makes photo editing a fluid and less challenging endeavor. Whether you’re a professional designer or a beginner photographer, this photo editing tool has everything you need to transform your photos from blunt to shiny and magnificent.

But, other than just enhancing the looks of your photos, lightroom presets offer a wide range of benefits, some of which we’ve discussed above. So, if you’re looking for a photo editing tool that will never disappoint your photography efforts, then lightroom presets is the best option.


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