Recording of 1977 STAR WARS Audience Reaction

Recording of 1977 STAR WARS Audience Reaction

A 13-year-old kid named William Forsche took a tape recorder in a movie theater with his mom back in the 1977, and recorded the audience’s reaction to the movie as it played out on the big screen. It was the year when I wasn’t even born and now listening to audience reaction from the 70’s is a time traveling experience for me.

This recording surfaced on YouTube a few years ago. The audio takes us back in time and gives us a sense of what it might have been like sitting in the theater with the audience, and hearing their reactions. It’s incredibly cool to listen to, especially when they clap and cheer in certain parts of the film like when Han Solo flies in with his Millennium Falcon to help Luke save the day near the end.

Don’t try to record audience reaction now in theaters but it is a criminal offence to record movies with any sort of video recording equipment.

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