Red-Band Trailer For a New Vampire Movie Called THIRST


Check out this brilliant new bloody trailer for an insane new vampire horror film. Watch the red-band trailer for the movie called Thirst, below. I just can’t say enough how NSFW this red-band trailer is. It is packed with blood, gruesome, and violence. This movie isn’t for everyone.

The Icelandic movie comes from the director’s Gaukur Úlfarsson and Steinþór Hróar Steinþórsson, Story of the movie is based in a small town packed with evil where exceptional crimes and cruelty often occur.

Thirst follows Hulda, “a woman who is suspected of being responsible for the death of her brother and is being investigated by the police. After being released from custody due to insufficient evidence, she has nowhere to turn to. Lingering around in the cold, she befriends an elderly man who turns out to be a 1,000-year old, single, and the gay vampire who brings her brother to life, leading to terrible consequences.”

Thirst will release on DVD and Digital on December 1st in North America.

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