Red Dead Redemption 2 Landmarks: Roanoke Valley, Kahuta, and More Information

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the subject of speculations for a while now and it was highly anticipated by games all over the world. Rockstar Games keeps fans guessing when the new RDR title will come out. Will they finally release it sometime in 2017? Will it focus on multiplayer or single-player? Only time will tell.

Rockstar Games will take a break until April 2017. There will be no more title this year, a first time in history that they will not release a game in a fiscal year. However, fans should not worry because it’s just a matter of “when” for RDR2. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick once said that Red Dead is a permanent franchise.

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YouTuber “LegacyKillaHD,” had an in-depth analysis of the leaked map, so far the biggest leak of the anticipated game.

It’s the same map that Tech Radar claimed a legit image of the next RDR locations. It shows quite a handful of landmarks such as Kahuta (a city in Pakistan but also translated as ‘mountains that hold the sky) and Roanoke Valley, which is identical to its real-life version and serves as a home to various native American tribes.

LegacyKillaHD notes that the most interesting part of the map is the Old Fort Walls. Will it be the resettlement for Red Dead Redemption 2? He said it looks like an important location in the upcoming title.

Other than these landmarks, the next RDR game might also feature Larned Sod, a key post in the Indian wars back in the 1850s. The said location also served as an agency of the Indian Bureau. Judging from the huge leaks, it may present an Indian war story.

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