Red Dead Redemption 2 – You Won’t Believe Its Awesomeness

Red Dead Redemption 2

Welcome to the decline of Wild West! God damn gang under command of Dutch van der Linde is hiding from civilization in 1899. We play for Arthur Morgan, who stands with one foot in prison and with another in a criminal clash. His aim is to protect his partners and finally find out his place in life. However, here we’d talk about game tips, which make RDR2 the best 2018 game by the GamesMojo version!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Tip 1. Mmm … terrain!

We’ve already seen Fallout 4 with its enormous map size, so we won’t say “OMG, it’s soo big”. They know that in Rockstar, so RDR2 won’t surprise you with its size, BUT! When I first saw how detailed it is, I nearly fainted. Naturalistic grass, trees with hi-def leaves, animals, birds, and absolutely various locations. Yes, the map isn’t the biggest. It’s the greatest map of all times! The perfection of details is heavenly.

When you don’t want to follow the plot, get as far away as you can and meet cool random missions and wicked situations. There’s always something new to see, I swear.


Tip 2. People here are crazy

Apart from animals and stuff, people, of course, are very important. Here they are even more detailed than the terrain. Just set the camp in the wrong place or ride too far, and these bastards will make you a bunch of problems. NPCs behavior is unpredictable in RDR2. Some would try to pay you for saving their lives, while the others would try to drown you in the nearby ditch.

The daily routine is not an imitation, but the real logical order of things, claims People work, rest, travel, sleep, drink & barf, etc. Sometimes you catch them having pervert fun at night or hide from fierce thugs.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Tip 3. Animals are even crazier

The first animal I met was a huge brown bear. The mission companion said not to touch him. Why not? I had a rifle, at last! I was astonished. The creature killed Arthur so realistically, that I truly worried.

To be fair, animals’ behavior is too natural sometimes. Hunting is not only about fun here, but it’s also about looking for the way of killing creatures the most humane way. How miserably they scream while dying.

They rot too, by the way. Don’t hang around with a big meatloaf. Sell it as fast as you can, otherwise, it would start to stink and won’t cost a cent anymore.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Tip 4. Camp sweet camp

All of the camp’s dwellers are surprisingly detailed characters, says You may spend a few minutes every day, just talking about their problems and thinking about how tough their life is. Arthur is an active speaker in any situation, so any side talks are good to know the main hero from new sides.

Apart from Arthur, all people here interact voluntarily. It looks like they all talk only when they want to. Quarrels, last mission discussions, talks about a cloudy future or a nailed dog, etc. Oh, my head’s gonna explode from such coolness.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Tip 5. RDR2 is … the favorite game of your grandpa!

How can the about-game-of-the-year be slow? Easily. Many people scold it for routine on Metacritic. You may agree or not, but I stick to the side, which thinks that RDR2 is not for everyone (like GTA) and say that the so-called “slowness” here is a piece of true art.

It’s so beautiful around that you won’t get bored by riding the same road 20 times a day. Side quests and sudden clashes make the world of RDR2 much more alive than it is in GTA 5 or The Witcher 3.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Let’s sum up

RDR2 is not worth talking about it, because it’s so long and replete that you won’t have enough time to pass the game behind the talks. Sit back and dive deeply into the filigree atmosphere of Wild West’s tough life. 

Author’s bio 

Alina Burns

We’ve been waiting for it for so long, guys and RDR2 is here at last! Sorry for my over-enthusiasm, but I can’t hold my emotions. As a chief editor of, I officially name this title the game of the year!



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