Red Dead Redemption Remaster Planned, But on One Condition

Ever since it was released in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 became a global hit and won over millions of fans. Not to mention that the franchise already had plenty of devoted followers since the first version of the game was published. Now, these fans are hoping for a remaster of the original to be released by Rockstar.

How realistic is this, and if, under what condition will the remaster be released? Let’s see.


RDR Remaster: What Do Rumors Say?

Of course, the massive success of Red Dead Redemption 2, is making the idea of remastering the original game much more realistic. Fans would especially like to see this remaster being in closer ties to the sequel. But, for the moment, things are pretty uncertain – it is still not completely definite if fans will get what they want.

What is sure, however, is that Rockstar will be releasing remasters of three older GTA games later this year: GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. If we will ever see an RDR remaster largely depends on how much will the three GTA remasters be successful. But this attempt to bring older GTA games to modern consoles will likely be extremely well received by GTA fans.

This means that the remaster of the original RDR game is very likely. However, being already a pretty modern game, it is not entirely clear what would a new version bring to the table. It is possible that most of the new stuff we could get from a remaster would be things that would tie it more closely to RDR 2 – be it recording new dialogues or adding new missions. All this depends on how big the success of GTA games will be.

On the other hand, some fans were hoping for a Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC, especially one that would be a continuation of the Red Dead Redemption’s famous Undead Nightmare add-on. It would really be great to see a new non-cannon RDR zombie story, and the return of characters such as Arthur Morgan, Sadie Adler, and Hosea. But, it seems that an RDR remaster is much more likely at this point.


Red Dead Redemption Vs. Red Dead Redemption 2

Both RDR and RDR 2 are incredibly good games, and it is understandable why fans are divided on the question of whether an RDR remasters or RDR 2 DLC would be more welcome. Let’s take a look at some of the details that make fans prefer one game over the other.

The Jaw-Dropping World in RDR 2

The game was already known for its magnificent scenery, but the sequel really lifted things to another level. Not only the world is a lot bigger, but it is enriched with magnificent details, a variety of landscapes, and endless (well, almost) possibilities.

Consequently, the entire map is completely redone in RDR2 so that you have much more options for exploration and fun.

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Traditional Western Setting in RDR

If you like your Red Dead Redemption game to be set in traditional Wild West surroundings then you would certainly fall for the original game.

RDR 2 for sure offers some magnificent settings such as snowy mountains, plains, the American South, and Louisianan swamps. But if you are looking for sights typical for Mexico or Texas, ones that look like old Western movies, then the RDR original game is the one you would prefer.


Gambling Challenges in RDR 2

We know how RDR2 is known for its gambling challenges – in the end, that’s one of the things the Wild West was known for. When playing RDR 2, all important gambling games are available – blackjack, poker, dominoes, you name it. The graphics are so good that you can compare the experience of gambling in RDR 2 with gambling in live dealer casinos. Today, many gambling guides around the world, like ArabianBetting, emphasize that live dealer casinos bring the land-based experience directly into the players’ home and that they often give players access to exclusive tables. By combining the best of both worlds from online and brick-and-mortar casinos you can enjoy real-life gambling, but from any place you like.

But, for some, gambling sites in RDR 2 look even better and are almost as real as the real-life casinos (only, from the Wild West perspective) – their graphics really contribute to the experience, making you dive into the challenges, losing yourself in a character. Well, who knows, maybe in the near future, you will be able to use tech like VR goggles to enter even the live dealer venues specially designed to mimic famous scenes, games, or ambient, and maybe RDR2 gambling will be on that list.


Stealing Hats in RDR 2

No matter how silly it sounds, but features like this really add a special note. Especially dear to hat lovers (and those who like exploring different skins for players) – RDR 2 allows you to change Arthur’s hat. While some prefer his default outfit, others like to (usually) buy hats for him and switch them throughout the game. The good thing is that you can own a very large amount of hats.

However, if you are not concerned with Arthur’s morals, there are two “alternative” ways to get new hats for him. The first one is that you can loot dead bodies and steal their hats.

But the other one is much more fun. Enter Dead Eye and aim at a random person’s hat. That way you can shoot their hat off and pick it up off the street. That’s some Wild Wild West hat stealing for you. Something like this wasn’t possible in the original – maybe, the remastered version will consider adding it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a unique game, and it is no wonder why it conquered the world in the way it did. But the original should not be forgotten – many of the details that made the RDR 2 the hit that it is are already present in RDR in some form.

It would for sure be fun to see a remaster of the original game that would connect it better with RDR 2 – especially if that meant we would get additional missions!

With the almost certain success of the upcoming GTA remasters, a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption seems more likely than ever before.

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