Reebok Reveals Two ALIENS-Themed Shoes

Reebok Reveals Two ALIENS-Themed Shoes

Reebok has announced two new shoes that they are adding to their Aliens collection.

The shoes are called the Alien Stomper “Final Battle” Pack and consists of two pairs of shoes. One pair is inspired by the Alien Queen. The other is a pair was inspired by the yellow Power Loader that Ripley kicked the Alien Queen’s ass with. Hence the “Final Battle” name.

Reebok Reveals Two ALIENS-Themed Shoes

The climactic clash from Aliens has inspired this highly collectible double-pack of Alien Stompers, launching on July 18th in unisex sizing.

Reebok Reveals Two ALIENS-Themed Shoes

When talking about the design for the Power Loader shoes, designer Xavier Jones said:

“I wanted to keep it as close to the OG spec as possible. But I embellished it with those details if you were a die-hard fan you would get it as soon as you see it.”

“The obvious thing would be the stripes that are featured on the foot of the machine. I took design influence from the top of the canopy of the machine where it was a net, so I added a mesh on top of the label.

“Calling back to the original series of the shoe, it was a machine, the P5000, so I added that on the strap as well.”

The creator of the Alien Queen shoe design said:

“It was pretty awesome, I never thought I’d get to design for a franchise I was a fan of. When this came around where I got to be involved and drive the creation process was pretty cool.

“The materials are black patent leather to give that black slimy wet look of the alien. I wanted to keep everything blacked out and ominous like the alien itself.”

“Parts of it are blacked out but glow in the dark. The XX121 on the shoe is the original name of the Xenomorph and I just dropped off the numbers. So that was just a nod that fans would get and if you’re not a fan you wouldn’t notice it.”

Reebok Reveals Two ALIENS-Themed Shoes

Alien Stomper “Final Battle” Pack will get a very limited release on July 18.

Reebok Reveals Two ALIENS-Themed Shoes

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