Reebok Unveiled Its ALIENS-Inspired Shoes

Reebok revealed new shoes that are inspired by James Cameron’s classic sci-fi movie Aliens. The shoe company has already unveiled a few different shoes motivated by the movie and now they have a new show which is called “Bug Stompers”, which have Colonial Marine style camouflage on them.

Stomp aliens in style. These futuristic shoes are inspired by the ones worn in a legendary 1986 science fiction movie. The iconic strap made them easy to slip on and off quickly for quick scene changes. Camouflage graphics and a “Bug Stomper” label give them an authentic vibe. The upper is made of a supple, full-grain leather.

The shoe also highlights the line “We endanger species” from the logo for the Bug Stomper dropship in the movie and the googly eyes that were on the armor which is worn by the Hudson character.

The U.S.C.M. Bug Stomper Shoes will go on sale through the Reebok website on Saturday, April 25th, which is just in time for Alien Day on 4/26. They will cost you $215.

Via: JoBlo

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