Learn To Relax In Style Using These 5 Great Gadgets

Unless you’re actually a robot you are going to find life a little stressful because everything seems to be a little crazy at the moment. Work, taxes, debts, interest rates, crime, and a lack of cheese on your pizza definitely leaves you feeling more tired each and every day. Unless you win the lottery and spend the rest of your life sipping cocktails on a beach I can’t see life getting any easier. Not at the moment when the economy is one step away from being flushed down the toilet again.

You need something to help you out during those hard times, but do you have any idea what your options are? Since you probably love technology we’re going to look at a few relaxations gadgets on the market right now. Not only will you get a big endorphin rush when you spend money on your gadget, but it will help you out for years to come. Do you have an idea what any of them could be and why they’re so good at helping you chill out?

Zero Gravity Hammock Chair

You won’t find a better seat in the world because this one feels like you’re floating in thin air. The chair is basically suspended in the air, so when you’re sitting in it you will be able to swing around from side to side. You obviously won’t be swinging very high, but it will still help the stress melt from your body. It also comes with a nice umbrella on top, so if you’re lying out in the sun you can protect yourself from the harmful rays while you chill out.

Full-body massage chair

You’ve probably seen these when you’ve been at the airport or walking through a shopping mall, but you can actually buy one for your home. It’s going to be a lot more expensive than a normal chair, but I bet your current one doesn’t massage you. Most people who sit down on one don’t want to get back up and the people who do usually have to run to the toilet. They used to be a lot more expensive, so you could say they’re quite a good deal these days.

A foam roller

Foam rollers are taking over the fitness world at the moment and you should get one to keep at home. When you stretch you’re not exactly doing anything special. Your muscles get stretched, but so what? You can now bend down a little further, but there is something better you can do. If you roll on a foam roller you will break up the knots inside your muscles. In the beginning it takes some getting used to, but eventually it will feel great.

iNeed Neck And Shoulder Pro Massager

There are a lot of great gadgets out there that will let you massage your body all over and they’re very good, but unless you have the world’s longest arms there is no way you will be able to reach certain places. This lovely gadget is different because it wraps around your body, so you can hit all those problem areas without asking anyone to help you out. It will penetrate your muscles easing all the tightness in your body and helping you relax all over.

Gel Eye Mask

Most of the things we’ve talked about are pretty expensive, but maybe you want to feel relaxed without spending a lot of money. You can’t go wrong with a gel eye mask because it is so soothing when you’re sitting down with it on. Just slip it into your fridge and it will come out nice and cold. You can also steep it in warm water if you’d rather it was hot instead. They last for a while and can be heated and cooled repeatedly.

How do you relax?

Maybe you use some gadgets to relax at the moment. Your iPhone doesn’t count. Sooner or later you might suffer from burnout, so try picking up one of these gadgets to test it out. When you don’t get so stressed you will enjoy yourself a lot more.

The author of this post, Abbey Brooks, works for CPAPOnly in Redmond. Whenever she isn’t busy, she enjoys travelling and learning about various cultures and their traditions.

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