Relive The Gaming Setup Of Your Childhood With This INSANE Virtual Reality Game


The gaming is definitely better now RDR 2 is just released and it is simply groundbreaking stuff in gaming, but we all get that particular itch to play the games that shaped us into the people we are today or gamers we are today. If you’re looking to take the gaming sensation even deeper than that, you might want to check out EmuVR. You can play it from dusk till dawn, choose the right tv for your console,  choose your consoles, choose your games, manage the posters in the room, it is like your childhood just better.

EmuVR doesn’t let you play the games from your past in a retro-looking environment, it also recreates the games on classic television screens from back in the day so you can get destroyed by a full wave of nostalgia got all over you, It is just perfect and amazingly polished and well made, check out the video below:

Do check it out in beta early access.

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