Remote-Controlled Flying Witch and Wizard (VIDEO)

Remote-Controlled Flying Witch and Wizard

Jack-o-lanterns and all the other decorations are boring for Halloween. If you want to really scare some people this Halloween, then take a lead from R/C builder Otto Dieffenbach from Flyguy Promotions. He built not one, but two awesomely fear-inducing remote-controlled flying creatures that will rattle anyone.

You’ll see that the witch and wizard are made from cardboard if you get close enough. But if you’re hundreds of feet away on the ground with this thing is flying around high up on the air, then the flying witch and wizard are as real as they get.

In case you’re interested, Otto has posted his build process for both of the custom planes in the RC Groups forum. You can also get the model for the witch and wizard that he used online.

Get It: $149

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