Rent A DeLorean from ‘Back To The Future’

DeLorean from ‘Back To The Future’

I always dreamed to have a DeLorean for a drive by and depict some scenes from the movie and now that dream can be come true for $1,500. You won’t get the actual DeLorean they used in the Back to the Future movies, of course, but you’ll get a finely-made replica that comes installed with a bunch of nifty gadgets on the dashboard so you can pretend to travel through time and space while cruising down the freeway.

Renting the car for a day will set you back $1,500. While it’s pricey, the good news is that you’ll be getting what you’re paying for, since the rental includes Back to the Future-related stuff like a hoverboard, protective radiation gear, a1985 JVC video camera, and futuristic glasses.

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