Replica of M56 Smart Gun From ALIENS is Simply Badass

Replica of M56 Smart Gun From ALIENS

Check out this insanely badass M56 Smart Gun replica from James Cameron‘s Aliens, This is one awesome replica of that iconic gun which we have all seen and loved in the movie. It is a 20-pound gun from Hollywood Collectibles Group costs $1,200. I must say it is insanely expensive but I would love to own one if I can afford one.

The M56 Smartgun is a 10mm General Purpose automatic Squad Support Weapon used by the US Colonial Marines in the blockbuster movie Aliens. With an effective range of 1500 yards, it is equipped with a motion-sensitive infrared tracking system, capable of autonomous and accurate targeting of moving objects.

We are proud to present for the first time ever an Officially Licensed Life Size Replica of this iconic Sci Fi weapon!  Measuring 48” in length and weighing in at 15lbs, this amazingly detailed replica is modeled after the Smartgun carried by all round badass Pt Vasquez…….Adios Xenomorph!

Sure to dominate any Aliens collection it comes complete with a separate, themed tabletop display stand. This is the HCG Exclusive Edition which also comes with a high quality 24″ x 16″ print of the Smartgun blueprints and specs sheet!  A regular edition is also available, click here for more details.

This museum quality Life Size Replica is constructed from fiberglass, metal, resin and mixed media, then painstakingly hand painted and authentically weathered.

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