Resident Evil and Underworld Turning Into TV Shows


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, could be followed by a spin-off show from Constantin Film, according to Variety. Constantin chairman Martin Moszkowicz confirmed that the company is moving aggressively at “starting production next year on at least two or three international shows,” including Resident Evil and The Mortal Instruments.

At New York Comic Con: Original “Underworld” director/series caretaker Len Wiseman told IGN about a spin-off film–likely Underworld: Next Generation starring Theo James’ David from the fourth film as well as Kate Beckinsale’s return in a different film, as well as a TV show. Yep a TV show!


“There’s a few things being developed right now,” said Wiseman. “There’s some characters we really liked – there’s kind of more of a spin-off of some of the characters like we did with ‘Rise of the Lycans’ and another film is being developed in the works with Kate possibly as well. And then there’s a television series as well. It’s kind of expanding that universe in many ways.”

Underworld and Resident Evil have enough loyal fans in their fanbase so going to TV seems like the natural place to go. Now stars like Scarlett Johansson and Keanu Reeves headed to television series of their own, don’t be surprised to see Beckinsale or Jovovich at least entertaining the idea of cameos if not outright headlining the shows themselves.

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