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Facebook’s hit game Restaurant Streets is back and this time it comes with the new name Restaurant Streets. It is almost same as the old game which we featured 4 years ago, First it was developed by Playfish and it was hugely successful then all the hacking came into play and that makes players angry who spent their real money on the game and that made Restaurant City hard to survive and many players left because of it. Then EA jumped in and after a short year, EA decided to close it down for good. Many players were very upset about the decision and since then many Facebook pages are still active till today is a bridge between all the fans of Restaurant City.

Why Restaurant City has so much cult following and why it was missed after all these years? When there is plenty of game to go around. The main reason behind the success story is trading within the game which involves a lot of trust between players and that turns out to be in great friendships between players and that is why Restaurant City was such a huge hit. Gameplay is also simple and plenty of opportunities to burn real life money in the game.

Now, Restaurant City 2016 is out and it comes with a lot of bugs, According to new Russian developers, they weren’t expected that many players and such heavy traffic on a newly-resurrected game. That is what causes all the server outages other problems and they are working hard to solve the issue with new beefed up servers which will be able to handle all the players from around the world. We will be reporting about the game in upcoming days, all new trends and tips and tricks from the game.

Words from the developers:

14th January Facebook Administration approved our game to be shown in the catalog of games on Facebook. “We are very much excited with the early turnout Restaurant City 2016 is having, and we will now be moving to a newer and stronger server. This change might take some time, and users will not be able to access our server at this time. We thank you for your patience and understanding.”

You can check out the useful resources here.



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Restaurant City 2016 Facebook page (Like and Add people to get more free ingredients)

Restaurant City 2016 Facebook group (Join the group for trading and tips)

Restaurant City 2016 Facebook App (Click the link to play the game)

Bonus Tip: 


If your waiters are down to like 45% energy, feed them an Apple. It will cost you 150.

This is the cheapest food and they go immediately back to 100% energy.


This just in from the new developers of the game:

Dear friends,
Today, we officially change our game’s name to «Restaurant Streets». The main reasons are:
– All the rights to the trademark, the sing and logo of the «Restaurant City», the elements of the exterior design belong to the company of «Electronic Arts» (EA).
– We have no relation to the EA or any of its departments and structural divisions.
– We do not have any contractual relationships with the EA in the creation, development and support of the game.
– We do not use any of the users data, game process, and any other files of the previous «Restaurant City» (closed in 2012).
– Our game is evolving and will be evolving in its own way, without any reference to the EA’s plans of the recovery or development of the «Restaurant City».
Thank you for being with us. We will be trying our best to make an interesting, exciting and enthralling game.

They also change the intro graphic of the game, So it is Restaurant Express now. A new name with same old bugs.

Also, we like to know how many of you can see these graphics on the loading screens, because not everyone can see these I am still seeing the Restaurant City loading screen. Do tell us in the comments if you can see the new loading screens in your game and where are you from.

Useful tips (if you know any other tips feel free to share in comments):
1. If you are a new player and wondering how to add friends in the game:

when you go to the site look at the above place, there is a “Search”, click it and then add friends.

If friends are not adding or removing, try cleaning browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del), maybe it will help.

2. Visiting neighbors on Random street DOES give you Ingredients…the pop-up window does not say you do…but it goes to your inventory! 

3. If you are closing up your restaurant for the night or going away, put something in front of the door (or just put the door in the storage), put workers to bed and save the game, so your workers will be full of energy when you come back.

Also, check the timeline of important updates given by the developers:

Restaurant Streets

Updated: 09 October 2018: Here is the link of Restaurant Street, if you want to play.


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