Restaurant City 2016’s Bugs So Far, Solved and Unsolved


Many fans were rejoiced when Restaurant City 2016 make it’s come back not so long ago, but after almost a month is passed game is still riddled with bugs and here we are not counting connection issues and the white screen of death. We are actually counting game bugs and glitches which you stumble after getting into the game.

Many bugs were solved as well and some new ones also emerged. So today we are doing a rundown of bugs which are emerged from the ashes of old and mighty Restaurant City.

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Apparently, Gift multiplying bug is been resolved so you can’t gift someone an item and get two in return – is not possible anymore. Now, another bug is emerged – if you trade an ingredient with someone it will keep sending the same trade to that person for the same ingredient as many times he saves and reloads the game, So far it’s been reported that the trade will repeat itself 3 times. If you have encountered this bug in your trades do tell us your numbers in the comments so we can fix this post for everyone to see.


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Another bug which is bugging the gamers are the gift items are not showing in the mailbox anymore they will appear in the inventory but not in the mailbox, so it seems the trade didn’t complete or the item is lost but actually it comes in the inventory quietly. So if you are trading something with a gamer do keep count of all your items, so you can’t call someone scammer or cheater.


Another mighty bug is that the items are keep on missing from the restaurant or old Restaurant City ghost is keep moving the items around within your restaurant, mysteriously. Or your obedient and trustworthy workers appears on the street or somewhere where they shouldn’t be. You can’t trust anyone these days really.

Last but not the least is, Ingredient market is not updating we are trying every scenario to check if it updates by some other means but so far no luck.

Plus there is huge server issue still going on for Malaysian gamers, According to developers it is because of the huge number of people trying to login into the game at the same time from Malaysia. When it will be resolved no one knows, for more recent updates check back here or to this Facebook page and if you are a trader sort of a person you can check this regulated Facebook trading page.

There is a “good news” too – kind of actually, Facebook is sending trade notifications from the game as well so you will know when you have a pending trade in the Restaurant City.


Do comment all your bugs here so we can compile all of the bug log at one place and submit it to the developers of the Restaurant City.


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