Restaurant Streets 2018: Number Of Ingredients Needed To Upgrade All Dishes To Level 10

Restaurant Streets

Here we have an informative chart for Restaurant City 2018 ingredients and they contain every ingredient you need to know about which is the most precious commodity in the game. This chart will tell you how many ingredients you need to level up all the dishes to level 10 and how many it takes each ingredient to level up to the highest. Higher the level of the dishes more XP and more money you will get out of the dishes served.


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The game will add up new ingredients, so we will update the charts as well but at this time of post, this is how many ingredients in the game right now.

Now you know which ingredient you need to save and which ingredients you can trade off and for trading ingredients and items, This Facebook group is authentic and highly regulated.

You can like this Facebook page of Restaurant City for more updated information.

Here is the chart of a number of ingredients needed to upgrade all menu dishes to level 10.

Restaurant City 2018

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