Restaurant Street’s All 73 Daily Food Quiz Answers

Restaurant Streets

Here are all the 73 daily food quiz answers from the 2018 Restaurant Streets game, enjoy the free ingredients.

Agar is a substance obtained from … ?AlgaeWatermelon is?Berry
What are the raisins?Dried grapes
Cheese Feta is a traditional dish of?GreeceWhat are the truffles?Mushrooms
Chicago style stake is?RareWhat are the capers?Plants
Coconut isFruitWhat color has sause béchamel?White
What color is meat of thunnus?Pink
From which country originated Dim Sum?ChinaWhat color is avocado?Green
What do people do with eggs at Easter?Color
In which country was pizza invented?ItalyWhat does the sauce salsa contain?Tomato
In which restaurant you can find burrito?MexicanWhat drink is usually served with fish?White wine
In which restaurant serve tapas?SpanishWhat is Foie gras?Hors d’oeuvre
In which restaurant can you find taco?MexicanWhat is macchiato?Small cappuccino
In which country was the mayonaise invented?FranceWhat is marzipan?Almond meal
What is Ratatouille?Vegetable dish
Kulebyaka is traditional dish of which cuisine?BelorussianWhat is ketchup made of?Tomatoes
What is the kvass made of?Bread
Lard is fat of ?SwineWhat is the main ingredient of tofu?Soy-beans
What is the main of okroshka?Kvass
Main ingredient of sauce Guacamole is…?AvocadoWhat is the main ingredient of Foie gras?Liver
Main ingredients of tsatsikiYogurt and cucumberWhat is the name of ukrainian potato pancakes?Deroons
What means “to blacnh” vegetables?To boil a bit and quickly freese
Saffron is…?SpiceWhat meat cannot be eaten raw?Pork
Sesame is ?FruitWhat the belorussuan dish “draniki” is made of?Potato
Shashlik is traditional dish of which cuisine?Caucasia
Where do the dates grow?Palms
The main flavor of the crab salad in Russia is?MayonnaiseWhere do the grapes grow?Bushes
The main ingredient of sauce PestoBasilWhere is Paella from?Spain
The most popular dish for breakfastFried eggsWhere was the pasta invented?Italian
The most popular new year party fruit in Russia isTangerine
The most popular salad in Russian isOlivier saladWhich continent produces the most cocoa?Africa
The national dish of RomaniaHominyWhich country is sandwich from?Germany
The traditional dish of Nothern RussiaVenisonWhich country is wasabi from?Japan
The traditional russian new year dish isChickenWhich country is famous by its loafs?France
The traditional soy-bean sauce is?SaltWhich cuisine does the flatbread Naan belong to?Indian
Third dish in a Soviet dining-roomCompoteWhich fish is the most expensive?Sterlet
Tomato is?FruitWhich fruit is called Chinese gooseberry?Qiwi
Thunnus is?Sea fishWhich of these berries is the most bitter?Ashberry
Which of these delicacies is the most expensive?Black caviar
Veal is meat of a young…?CalfWhich of these doesn’t contain mayomaiseMilk
Which of these ingredients is main in ukrainian borsch?Red beet
Which of these isn’t a kind of noodles?Miso
Which restaurants server Sushi?Japnaese
Which sort of coffee doesn’t contain milk?Espresso
Which spice is the most expenesive in the world?Saffron
Which spice is most expenesive?Vanilla

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