Review Of Best Gaming Chairs

Best Gaming Chairs

Have you been searching for the best gaming chairs without success? Worry no more! Below is a review of the best gaming chairs which you can consider in 2018, Worry no more! Read on below for a review of the best gaming chairs which you can consider in 2018, or check out Hotrate’s up to date guide on the best gaming chairs under $100 in 2020.


Songsmics RCG27BWUK

This is a highly reliable and affordable chair enshrined in a high-quality model with mid-range looks going for a low price. It is available in a variety of colors and attractive camo designs

Apart from offering all tilting options possible, it is well known for its adjustable lumbar cushion to guarantee you long term comfort at just less than $250.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

This chair is highly priced but comes with incredible luxury. It has an impressive ergonomic design featuring cushions in all the ideal places. To top commensurate its high price tag, it has 4D armrests and excellent lumbar support.

Secret Lab Titan Stealth Gaming Chair Review I have to admit to never having heard of the Titan gaming chair. In fact, I’d never even heard of the company behind it, Secret Lab. But then, I am based in the UK, and until recently, the Secret Lab focus was set on Singapore, with the US then following in line. Now though, the UK, and Europe as a whole, is firmly in the sights of this company...

Secretlab’s Titan

The Secretlab’s Titan is ideal for larger gamers as it can support a lot of weight and is big in size. Featuring integrated lumbar support, its 4D armrests are highly adjustable. It offers an array of recline options.

It is layered with soft, flexible PU leather on the outside and cushioned with cold-cure foam beneath to offer you stylish comfort.

Dxracer Drifting Series

It is a mid-range priced chair that comes with eight adjustable positions. Its comfortable foam cushions are designed to mimic the look and feel of a racing car driver’s seat to enable you to have extended game sessions.  It has a comfortable neck and back cushions and offers phenomenal lumbar support in all tilting angles.

Icon gaming chair

This chair is manufactured by Noblechairs to give you an executive design. It has quality constructions out of real leather covering. If you are on a tight budget, you can get an affordable non-leather design made from PU fabric.

In pictures: Secretlab's napa leather seats are a luxurious take on gaming chairs

Secretlab Titan Napa

This chair will set you back by $890 because of its exclusive napa leather, ultra-premium upholstery, extreme comfort and ability to recline as far back to almost turn it into a bed.

Omega gaming chair

This chair has colorful accents, and it is made out of cold-cure foam to offer ultimate comfort. If looking for an alternative to PU leathered gaming chairs, this durable, flexible and waterproof that comes with velour pillow for extra softness is an excellent choice.

The Raynor Ergohuman Mesh Chair with Leather Seat and Headrest is available with black mesh on the seat back and headrest

Ergohuman mesh chair with headrest

It boasts of its ease to customize. The chair’s build is designed for comfort and is ideal for both office and gaming.

Nitro concepts S300 gaming chair

This is a high-tech chair built for extended gaming sessions. With an ergonomic, comfortable design, it exists in different colors. The model has an Integrated H.E.A.T. system and is fitted with high-quality material and advanced tech.

E-Win Europe Flash XL Series FLA-XL Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair with Free Cushions

Ewin Europe Flash series gaming chair

It embraces a racing car seat style, giving you an ergonomic design that includes 4D adjustable armrests, high-density memory foam, durable frame, neck and lumbar support pillows. You have different colors to choose from.

GT Omega Evo XL racing office chair

It is highly suitable for larger, heavier users. Providing plenty of adjustment options, it has the best lumbar support system in the market with additional cushions for shoulder support.

xrocker vision 2.1

X Rocker Vision Pro 2.1 wireless gaming chair

Its ergonomic design comes with inbuilt surround speakers with separate volume and bass controls.

Gamers suffering from back injuries and want to relax in a prolonged comfortable state will find it extremely comfortable. It is compatible with almost any smart device or console with outsmarting home console versatility.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000 Rev. 2 Gaming Chair - White/Black Edition

Vertagear racing series S-Line SL4000

Apart from being highly affordable, it is highly recommended because It has a dramatic appearance, ultra comfy, stable and it is built for extended gaming sessions. Its black and white designs resemble the inside of a spaceship.

Thermaltake X Comfort Air Gaming Chair

X Comfort air gaming chair

Thermaltake built this world’s ever first air-conditioned gamers’ chair, giving it a state of art design, an integrated cooling system, adjustable armrests and ultimate comfort.

It comes with a 3-fan controller through which gamers can adjust the air temperature as they play. Enhanced steel framework with mold shaping foam resting on it makes it more durable.

Vertagear gaming series trigger 350 SE

The Vertagear gaming series trigger 350 SE boasts of one of the most luxurious designs which have over 80 individual components with adjustable recline and height. Additionally, it is built with an aluminum alloy which makes it light and astoundingly durable.

However, it bears a costly price tag; thus you will need to dig deeper into your pockets to get one. However, the convenience and fun that comes with it are worth every penny.


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