Review: Porsche Design Soundbar, Should you buy it?

Porsche Design Soundbar

Love cars? Love music? Love playing music in your car? What about having a soundbar that not only gives you the audiophile sound you want, it also reminds you in every single way of your dream car? Confusing, eh?

Then let me introduce to you the Porsche Design Soundbar. Porsche, known for its high-performing sports cars, has actually created a soundbar like no other. Literally.

Porsche Design

The car company has long been in the designing industry with products from men’s and women’s apparels, kitchen accessories such as knives and teaset, smart phone, writing tools, travel luggage, to timepieces. These are mostly targeting Porsche car owners so that they will look high performing, just like their cars, in every way.

Early this year, the company has also introduced a soundbar to step up a gearhead’s game in the audiophile world. They call it the 911 soundbar. It will capture not only your ears but also your eyes with its one-of-a-kind design.

The Inspiration

911 soundbar has the 911 GT3 as its inspiration. It has a horsepower of about 500 at almost 9000 revolutions per minute, top track speed of 315 kilometers per hour, and could go from 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds.

Yes, the soundbar is silencer and and exhaust inspired. If you haven’t heard what a 911 GT3 silencer/exhaust sounds like, then watch this and be as thrilled as Carlos Lago upon hearing the solid, unmuffled sound. Or if you have watched The Fast and the Furious 5, you know how it sounds like. It is Brian O’Conner’s blue car (may he rest in peace).

The Design

If you’re still wondering what a car part has to do with a soundbar, it is time now to open your creative mind. Imagine a soundbar or rather a soundbase to be more exact. Now imagine a rear silencer and twin exhaust, 911 GT3’s to be exact, and place it on top of the soundbase. That is the Porsche Design 911 Soundbar. Amazing? Yes!

What’s inside the exhaust and the silencer is not fully discussed, except that what we know, the twin exhaust houses the subwoofer of the soundbar.

Porsche Design Soundbar

Why a muffler?

Because why not? Porsche Design has been a lover of contemporary designs to make its users standout from the crowd. Also, 911 GT3’s muffler is best at resonating and controlling sound vs. constrain. In other words, deep bass is delivered and even at 200 watts, there will be no distortion. And take note, this is not a replica. It is a real muffler taken out of a GT3 and re-engineered to smoothly function with a loudspeaker system.

Other features of the sound bar include a 2.1 virtual surround system, power of 200 watts, analog and digital inputs, and Bluetooth 3.0 interface with aptX codec. It is also Dolby Digital decoder capable with DTS TruSurround, has an HDF cabinet, sporty LED display, and remote control.

What’s good about it

This soundbar is definitely more than what meets the eye. It is physically captivating, yes, but wait until you hear how it performs. Upon trying different tunes, from a racetrack sound to songs with different frequencies, this soundbar has met, at the least, the expectation. Even at full volume, not a single distortion could be heard. And the bass coming from the exhaust are powerful. No wonder the tagline’s “passion you can hear.”

Plus, because it is a Porsche Design, it is surely a hot topic for you and your guests. Also, if you really love the sound of the 911 GT3 muffler, you can listen to it anytime that you want without leaving your room. No need for you to drag yourself to the garage just to listen to it.

Porsche Design Soundbar

What might change your mind

The design. Ironically, the reason this soundbar stands out could be the same reason you would hesitate buying it. With a muffler on top of it, you definitely cannot put it in front of your TV as it blocks the remote sensor.

You can’t place it underneath the TV either because obviously it won’t fit. It might also be hard to mount it on the wall because it weighs as heavy as or even heavier than an average three-year old at 19 kilograms or 44 something pounds.

What can be done instead is to have your TV mounted on the wall, high enough for soundbar not to block the sensor or build a niche in your TV stand or somewhere else to accommodate. You may ruin your stand, but hey you have a 3000-dollar soundbar. No one will notice the hole in the wall.

The price. At more than $3000, this is almost twice as expensive as the most expensive, normal looking soundbar.

To wrap it up

If you have that much money to spend, by all means buy it. It is a big bang for your big buck. In addition, it is something that can last a very long time you may be able to give it to your children or the generations that will come after them.  And because of its peculiarity, it may be a collector’s item in the future; hence, it could be worth the investment.

But if you have that much money to spend but that much bills to pay as well, better go for the cheaper soundbars. If quality sound is all you’re after, there are plenty of options out there, which won’t hurt your pocket. In fact, there are pretty decent soundbars less than $200. They look great, too, but not as eye-catching as the 911.

But if you really want to own a Porsche Design, they have in-ear headphones for only $250. If that’s still too much for you, they have something for $55—a paring knife. But hey, at least it’s still Porsche. You can still show it off.

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