revolution season 2

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The show has some features to keep you interested but aspects are really pulling the strings of the show and the curiosity is about to kill the cat ! First season of the show is so far pretty much interesting but i don’t think viewers can take another season with the same going on’s they should make a blast of something fresh and shocking to keep us on the seats .

The Lowdown: Revolution is a bonafide hit for NBC – a network that was badly in need of a successful drama after everything from The Event to The Firm failed to secure an audience. Critical reaction has been mixed, but ratings have stayed strong – a series low of 7.34m ain’t too shabby.

Will It Survive? The Kripke / Abrams collab got a full season pick-up last month, so there’s no question of Revolution being dropped unexpectedly. If the ratings hold up, we’d expect a second season too – the only potential fly in the ointment is NBC’s rather bizarre decision to put the series on hiatus from November 26 until March 2013.


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