Rian Johnson’s Gorgeous Looking Murder Mystery KNIVES OUT Trailer is Here

Daniel Craig

Check out the very first trailer for director Rian Johnson’s new original film Knives Out and this movie looks super awesome! I’m a huge fan of Johnson’s original movie projects like Brick, Looper, and The Brother’s Bloom, and this next movie of his looks like it is going to be solid fun.

The movie is an Agatha Christie-style whodunnit murder mystery in which a detective, played by Daniel Craig, investigates a family murder. The film has a wicked awesome ensemble cast that also includes Chris Evans, Lakeith Stanfield, Michael Shannon, Ana de Armas, Don Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, and Christopher Plummer.

The story is based in an old Victorian style mansion with many family members, who don’t like each other, grouped together to celebrate their father’s birthday, but the party comes to an end when the father is killed. Two detectives played by Craig and Stanfield come to examine the death and they are going to stay in the mansion until the investigation is complete. Curtis earlier teased that by the end of the movie, things will take a bloody turn as all family members begin turning on each other.

There’s a fabulous scene with Chris Evans in this trailer below and I’m persuaded he’s going to shine in the movie. He just plays a character unlike any kind of character he’s ever played before.

Knives Out hits theaters on November 27, 2019.

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