Ridiculous Disclaimers and Warning Labels Because Someone Sued

It is no mystery that Americans are rather likely to sue for some of the most minor reasons. Many lawsuits are perfectly valid, and compensation is highly warranted, but when injury happens due to something that should be common sense, the most likely result is a warning label. It appears that companies have been sued so often for ridiculous personal injury complaints that they must protect themselves from the most unlikely circumstances. Here are some of the more interesting, scary or downright hilarious warnings found on products and signs. Keep in mind that each and every one of these examples has a legal reason for existing.

Ridiculous Disclaimers

A Six-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

One would think that even most laypeople would understand the general use of a screwdriver as a construction tool and not as a medical device. Someone must have missed the idea because some such screwdriver sets come with the ominous warning “not to be inserted into penis.” Yes, if you have a problem in that area you should probably not attempt to fix it with a screwdriver or that may result in injury.

The iPod Shuffle

This widely used device has a clear electronic purpose for most individuals. Few people would mistake such an item as food, surely. Someone must have been hungry for microcircuits because the iPod Shuffle comes with the exact warning “Do not eat iPod Shuffle” on its instruction manual. Perhaps a hungry baby got a hold of it and the parents needed to be reminded that they shouldn’t let their toddler munch on electronic equipment.

Reading the Instruction Manual

This manual will tell you everything you need to know about using the product, but be careful if you actually can’t read it. The manual clearly says “Do not use if you cannot see clearly to read the information in the information booklet” because of course if you cannot read the booklet you will certainly be able to read the warning in it.

The Hair Dryer

Most ladies and even many men know how to use a common hairdryer. They might even know that you should actually be awake while trying to dry your hair. For those that don’t remember this fact, however, there is a clear warning of “do not use while sleeping” on the hairdryer. The real question may be who could actually fall asleep with a hair dryer running in close proximity?

Shin Pad Protection

There is a clear warning on a set of bicyclist shin pads that reminds them “shin pads cannot protect any part of the body they do not cover.” It is apparent that some cyclist expected his shin pads to prevent him from getting a concussion when he flipped the handlebars and wasn’t wearing a helmet, and he was quite surprised when they failed to do so.

The Toilet Water

Most people would probably assume that toilet water is not the best to drink, but a variety of toilets now have the warning “do not drink” posted above them. In defense of anyone who actually does drink toilet water, the water usually does look clean and dogs seem to be able to do it frequently without a problem. Even clean toilet water, however, is not clean enough to be drinking water, and often times it is recycled water that has filtered but not sanitized. The question remains, do you really need a sign reminding you not to drink out of the toilet?

While many readers may laugh at this list, and there are plenty more where these came from, it does highlight one fact about our society. There is always a place for common sense, and the law shouldn’t need to protect you from everything. If you do happen to be injured by a product, however, you are entitled to compensation for your injury and you should contact a Nashville accident attorney immediately for help with your case.

Author: Hannah is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys writing in all kinds of topics, but family, home improvement, and business are some of her favorite subjects.

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