Ridiculous Kickstarter Campaigns People Actually Supported

It seems anything goes on Kickstarter these days.

A Flying Bicycle

The “world’s first” flying bicycle apparently didn’t even require a license to fly and could reach up to 4K feet. Too bad it didn’t reach its goal, though. Who doesn’t want an ET flying moon pic of their own?


Watermelon Holder

This campaign only got $332 of it’s $25K goal, though. Oh well. We’ll just have to keep carrying our watermelons the old-fashioned way.


Pirate Pancakes

The Pirate Pancake Griddle was successfully funded for $18,633. Those who paid at least $93 each got the actual griddle. Everyone else had to settle for a 3D vector file to print one of their own.


Launch A Tardis Into Space

There were several attempts to send a real Tardis into space. Doctor Who fans gave nearly $90K to make one of these attempts a reality.

No word about whether this actually happened or still will happen. The last Twitter page for the campaign hasn’t updated since February.


Potato Salad

Zack “Danger” Brown started his campaign with the goal of raising $10 to make potato salad. He’s raised nearly $10k at last count. There’s still 25 days to go on the campaign.


Miley Cyrus Shirts

Bañaga surpassed his goal of $300 to create 20 t-shirts of Miley twerking with her tongue out. No word on raising for the inevitable copyright infringement suit.


Write Dumb Stuff In The Sky

People actually gave nearly $7K to allow this guy to write “OMG I’m flying!” and “Tweet me bro!”



Lionel Richie’s Head

Some British raised £8016 (USD$13K), to make a giant inflatable sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head.


Floating Pool In A River

The “Floating East River Pool” will be available to the good citizens of New York City in 2016 already raised $16K past their goal to do it.

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