THE RING VS THE GRUDGE Teaser Trailer is Here

Sadako Vs. Kayako

Japanese production company Kadokawa has released the first teaser trailer for The Ring vs. The Grudge, a.k.a Sadako Vs. Kayako. This will be an epic showdown between the evil and dark forces, Think it’s a horror version of Aliens Vs Predator but with dead kids and the haunting on epic proportions. Trust me Japanese are brilliant with it.

Sadako (Evil girl) )from The Ring was murdered and thrown down a well. She started killing people through a haunted videotape. Kayako from Ju-On/The Grudge was also murdered as a child and is a vengeful spirit that crawls around ceilings and rattles at people in the house where she resides.

i think it’s time for a refresher, So I be watching Ring and The Grudge tonight. Horror movies back to back tonight.

Sadako Vs. Kayako will hit theaters in Japan in June next year.

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