The Riot’s Strong Obsession With The Game Champion Genre


Confused in dealing with PBE? Still, have no idea about increasing the damage of your passive? You’re now on the right page! Let’s to the point! Riot Games has a very strong obsession with a game champion. For several patches back, we have been trying to see how to improve the situation that currently occupies Brand in the metagame. As it disappeared in competitive and very little play in SoloQ, Riot wants to give it more importance. The level of competition in the genre makes Riot more comfortable to perform updates on every game path. You can monitor every single upgrade by visiting some games related sites widely spread on the Net.

However, despite how well this champion combines with the new rules, it has not returned to the finish line and is still pretty much gone. For this reason, Riot Games wants to give you a small buff that can turn you into a very powerful champion. Riot provides as easy as it can and we should make use of it. The followings are some tips (if the tips can be said) useful to increase your winning chance by increasing your passive deals.

Increase the damage of your passive (the key of all efforts)

In PBE, its passive deals 4% damage to the target’s maximum life, instead of the 2% it had previously. It really does not seem like a spectacular improvement since it is a very small damage increase. However, if we look at the characteristics of Brand’s passive, we can understand the importance of this change. The passive has no internal cooling, so you can apply it again each time you cast a skill and the enemy is no longer burned. But, we think it’s no problem since applying passive is not such a difficult action. Again, you should remember the characteristics of Brand’s passive then your gameplay will run smoothly.

By taking these facts (above) into account, the amount of constant damage that increases if it is more considerable. At the moment, this improvement is in tests and it is not known if finally, it will arrive at patch 8.1, but to arrive, it is possible that it increases the popularity of the champion. In general, there is always an upgrade for every patch released. However, it seems not complete if we don’t provide our recommendation. To play in comfort, you’re suggested to visit GameStore as there you can find a lot of information along with the considerations of how to make use of each of the information. We hope this post can be useful for you in playing. Happy playing and enjoy the game.

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