Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Tommy Lee Jones Doing Action Comedy THE COMEBACK TRAIL

Morgan Freeman, and Tommy Lee Jones

Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver, Silver Linings Playbook), Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption, Se7en), and Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive, The Family) joined the cast of the upcoming action-comedy The Comeback Trail.

A lot of these movies with veteran actors that everyone likes and love are quite cheesy at times, but this one actually looks good with a new and fresh plot for the movie. Josh Posner co-wrote the screenplay based on a 1970s film of the same name. I’ve never seen the original movie, so hopefully, this will be a new concept for a lot of fans.

Here’s the synopsis:

De Niro will play Max Barber, a man in debt to a mob boss (played by Freeman), who creates an insurance fraud by casting washed-up, suicidal cowboy/movie star Duke Montana (Jones) in a poorly written Western with the intention of killing him during the first days of filming. Duke somehow rises to the occasion, redeems his past misdeeds and brings Max and others along on the same journey.

I’m thrilled to see De Niro, Freeman, and Jones together on the big screen in a comedy.

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