Robert De Niro Set to Star In Crime Drama Series BOBBY MERITORIOUS

Robert De Niro

Acclaimed actor Robert De Niro is all set to make a comeback to the small screen with a gripping new crime drama series called “Bobby Meritorious,” which is set to be aired on Paramount+. The project is being written and produced by Billy Ray, an accomplished screenwriter known for his work on several box office hits such as “Terminator: Dark Fate,” “Richard Jewell,” “Overlord,” “The Hunger Games,” “Captain Phillips,” and more.

The series revolves around the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, a powerful institution with seemingly unlimited power and authority. The story follows an informant in SDNY’s biggest case, Avery ‘The Sage’ Accomando, played by none other than De Niro himself. Accomando’s decision to spill the beans threatens to destroy this storied institution, and only one man can prevent it from happening – the legendary ex-cop-turned prosecutor, Bobby Meritorious. The clash between these two heavyweights promises to be a battle for the ages and will be nothing short of riveting.

As a fan of crime dramas, I am excited to see what this series has to offer. It sounds like it will be a thrilling ride full of suspense, drama, and intense action. This project marks De Niro’s second foray into TV in recent weeks, having recently joined the cast of Netflix’s conspiracy thriller “Zero Day.” It is clear that De Niro is still at the top of his game, and fans of the legendary actor can look forward to his performances in these highly anticipated shows.

Source: Deadline

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