Robert Downey Jr. Celebrated Birthday With Kids

Robert Downey Jr. Celebrated Birthday With Kids

Sometime ago Robert Downey Jr. said he was planning to screen Captain America: The Winter Soldier for a bunch of kids on his birthday.

Now 49-year-old star was born on April 4, which also happened to be the release date of the Marvel movie. So this weekend he did it. About twenty kids came over to his house where they watched the movie with the Iron Man actor, and presumably ate popcorn and cake.

The star posted the above photo on his Facebook page with the caption, “Let the partaaaaay begin!!!”

But if you look at the picture can you tell where are they at? I thought RDJ owns a cool theater at home just like his basement in Iron Man. But instead it looks like a gym or a charity place, Kids don’t make that much mess are they?

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