Roblox Adds 90+ Million MAU in 3 Years


For those who thought that Minecraft is the most popular multiplayer sandbox out there, we have to confirm that it really is. But in fact, Roblox was just gaining the needed amount of momentum to shoot. Everything that Minecraft has achieved since 2009, Roblox has in just 3 years. If you’re not familiar with the lore, read about Roblox at GamesMojo com first, and the numbers below will become even more impressive for you.

Roblox MMO has been around since 2006, but no one has seen any prospect for it to grow as big as bigger than Minecraft. According to Venturebeat, In 2016, Roblox had only 9 million monthly active players (MAU), which was several times lower than Minecraft that year. In less than a year, surprisingly, for everyone, the MAU tripled. Later in December 2017, developers managed to add 30 million players more. Finally, In July 2019, they hit 100 million, which is 10 million bigger than Minecraft. Isn’t it an astonishing success? It seems that Roblox was created ahead of time!

Roblox CEO Dave Buszucki says that a huge part of the number consists of user-generated content within the game. By that, he means the virtual worlds that players create every day to attract players to visit their accounts. That’s something that Minecraft doesn’t have.

Buszucki adds that they started Roblox almost 14 years ago with an idea to let people from all around the world get together and communicate while playing together. He reveals that at the very beginning, there were only 100 members who tried to create something and share it with each other. Today, the community of Roblox dedicated creators totals over 2 million solo developers and even development studios who generate over $30 million income within the game.

Similar to YouTube, Roblox subscribers can create content and post it on the platform. If the user experience they created is unique and exciting enough, it will attract thousands or even millions of visitors. That’s where the real fun begins. The owners of frequently visited accounts are rewarded with an opportunity to sell level passes and anything else that they can imagine and implement within the game. It can be a powerful weapon, skin for a character, vehicle, virtual property, and many more.

Besides, this sandbox isn’t limited to particular genres, providing payers with creative freedom. It resulted in a flood of racing arcades, shooters, puzzles, 3D platformers, adventures, and survival horrors. Even the colossal popularity of battle royale helped the game. Developers added all the necessary instruments so that players could try to develop semblances of Fortnite or PUBG.

The last but not the least step towards the current MAU was dealing with parental concerns. Back in 2012-2015, Roblox was considered dangerous for children because of poor moderation and loads of swearing and cyber-bullying in chats. The problem was solved in 2016, but the belief remained strong. To change that, developers established Roblox Education that teaches children coding, digital finance, and other important things in thousands of coding camps worldwide.

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