Rogue and Psylocke – Marvel’s X-Men

Psylocke sexy costume cosplay

rogue and psylocke sexy cosplay

Stunning and very creative cosplay for Rogue and Psylocke we have it here, We love the cosplays by YAYA, and especially this new Psylocke Cosplay is just another level in cosplaying. She is a very talented cosplayer and she got a very neat collection of Cosplays.

Words From Yaya :
I was super happy over the chance to wear Psylocke with my dear friend Hanime. She painstakingly made that entire Rogue costume, it is a piece of art! Even better that we got to shoot with Martin, one of my very favorite photographers.

Also, this is a brand new Psylocke costume! I cosplayed Psylocke back in ’06 but wanted to make a new version, more grounded in Reality. I drafted my own patterns for the bodysuit, arms/legs, boot covers, etc, and sewed everything in a day utilizing two contrasting fabrics, heavy-duty spandex & stretch pleather. The only piece I re-used from the old Psylocke costume is the sash.

Costumes made/modeled by Hanime Cosplay (Rogue) and Yaya (Psylocke)
Photography by Martin Wong
Psychic blade made by Volpin Props
Photo location: Anime Expo 2012

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Psylocke sexy costume cosplay

Psylocke sexy costume cosplay

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