Roland Emmerich’s Sci-Fi Thriller THE COLONY Clips Released


Saban Films has released the two clips for a new sci-fi thriller from producer Roland Emmerich titled The Colony. The new movie was directed by Tim Fehlbaum, and it actually looks like a brilliant movie worth watching.

The story is set in the distant future, and it follows a female astronaut who is shipwrecked on the long-decimated Earth. She must choose the fate of the wasteland’s remaining populace.

Cataclysmic conditions on Earth forced a mass exodus to a distant planet. Generations later, a manned mission hurtles back to assess living conditions on the desolate, mostly submerged world. The sole survivor of the expedition is attacked by a violent band of scavengers, themselves locked in battle with a far more sinister foe. Now, mankind’s very survival depends on the bravery and ingenuity of the lone astronaut.

The movie stars Nora Arnezeder (Army of the Dead, Angélique, Paris 36, Safe House, The Words), Sarah-Sofie Boussnina (Department Q: The Absent One, Knightfall, Bron/Broen), Iain Glen (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter), Sebastian Roché (Fringe, Supernatural), and Joel Basman (The Monuments Men, Hanna).

The Colony is set to be released on August 27th. The first clip is called “Unexpected Visitors,” and the second is “Christopher Columbus”.

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