Romantic Movies Of All Times

Gone with the Wind

Ever heard ‘love is in the air’ but now let’s call it love is on screen. There are numerous spellbinding movies on the romance that are sure to make you fall in love if you haven’t. There is humor, unforeseen complications, emotions, thrill, and some tears. Who doesn’t want to indulge in such romantic movies in which you sometimes laugh or cry your heart out? Look out for relationships via greensboro personals.

We have rounded up a list of movies that will lose control of your emotions. Have a look.


1.  Titanic

An epic romantic movie based on a luxurious but ill-fated Titanic, a giant ship, where a rich aristocrat falls in love with an artist. Full of emotions, drama, and thrill, this movie has bagged many awards and is considered one of the best romantic movies of all times. The characters played beautifully by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the lead actors. The song, ‘my heart will go on,’ is still on the list of best romantic songs. It was so well-executed that one believes that he is aboard that ship. You lost in extravagance and luxuries shown in the movie. All the actors did justice to their roles. If you haven’t watched it, then go for it. If you feel like finding someone suitable for you, then go for naperville singles.


2.  The Notebook

In this movie, a young man falls in love with a rich woman but soon gets separated because of social differences. It is adapted on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. This movie is timelessly classic and magnificent. Here is why:

  • Despite its clumsy and long details, people love it.
  • The romance shown between the two leading characters is timeless; they got separated, but their love never ends.
  • It is based on a true story.
  • It is a miracle story that will stay with you over a lifetime.

Powerful performances by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, this movie has won many awards and acclaimed all over the world. They are still known as the heartthrobs among lovers.

3.  Gone with the Wind

An American classic where a spoiled and headstrong girl and a roguish man have a love affair during the Civil War. This movie is one of the spectacular movies of Hollywood and still considered the best among the great movies. It is well-made, and the actors performed beyond imagination. This movie has some scenes, which are made with excellence. If you haven’t watched it yet, then what are you waiting for? If you want to experience cinematic classics, this one is for you. The leading roles played beautifully by Vivien Leigh (Scarlett) and Clark Gable (Rhett). It has bagged many awards and had scored record-breaking business.

From tragic love stories to tear-jerking ones, here is a list of must-watched romantic movies of all time. Go watch them now if you haven’t already.

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