Rooftop Photos That Will Make You Dizzy

Some people really like living on the edge, but this guy decided to turn it into a hobby, taking vertiginous photos of himself posing on rooftops with his feet dangling in the air. This photo set is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re afraid of heights, keep reading and find out one reallyinteresting thing about the guy who took the pictures…

The fearless artist behind this project is Dennis Maitland, a photographer from Detroit, who cruised his hometown searching for interesting tall buildings where he could make his next shot. The risk of being mistaken for a jumper and getting the police on his back made Dennis choose mostly old buildings in secluded areas, but he managed to take a couple of shots in more crowded places in his 30 second shoot-and-run sessions.

Possibly the most interesting thing about Dennis is that he had a fear of heights when he started doing this series, being afraid to even climb ladders past 10 feet. Each new photo helped him overcome the fear, and now you can see him bravely posing on the ledge of a building balancing on one leg while the other is stretched over the edge in a dangerous pose. Hats off to him for both his amazing photos and for having the guts to face his biggest fear!