Rotary Dial Cellphone Is A Modern Take On Retro Phone

Rotary Dial Cellphone

It is made by Justine Haupt, and reported by Gizmodo, this rotary cellphone was created as a basic alternative to modern-day smartphones. Only rather of sliding her phone into a paper envelope to help her productivity, Haupt opened up her phone to bits and created into something retro and new all at once.

Haupt’s blog said that the entire maker process for making this retro gadget. She repurposed a dial from a Western Electric Trimline telephone, designed custom circuit boards for the old interface to talk to the modern chips, and 3D printed the case to hold the whole thing together. Not only does it work, but Haupt also added smart features like a power switch, an LED signal strength meter, and shortcuts for contacts in case you don’t want to spin a wheel with your finger to call someone special. There’s even a little e-ink display for showing missed calls.

Check out Haupt’s website for more details on this rotary cellphone, including open-source design files for building your own. Check out the video below.


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