Rotten Tomatoes Rules Changed For Audience Score Guidelines

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes was launched in the year 1998 and was established as a site by the users and for the users. Fans could come on and score the movies they were going to watch so others can get an idea of how a movie was being received by audiences. But that system has been stained in the recent years as internet trolls flex their ridiculous ideas of what should and shouldn’t be doing well have gone on and tinkered with the algorithms to drop the scores of movies that could have otherwise resulted higher on their site.

The service has now updated a guideline to a fan giving their input to influence the score. Fans must have a bought ticket to the movie they are reviewing, then they will be considered verified reviewers. Paul Yanover, the President of Fandango, had this to say about the change:

“We know from our research that fans consult Rotten Tomatoes’ Audience Score along with the Tomatometer, when making decisions on what to watch. Having an Audience Score and reviews from fans who are confirmed ticket purchasers, will add even more usefulness to our product and increase consumer confidence.”

Now Fandango is the new owners of Rotten Tomatoes, they will be able to check your ticket purchase and then you can review whatever you want to review and give your expert opinions. Hopefully, this will stop the influx of losers or any other ridiculous reason they find to twist movie scores.

What do you think about these new rules on Rotten Tomatoes?

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