Royal Mail Will Release New Star Wars Stamps In The UK

 Star Wars Stamps

Star Wars has announced that it is teaming up with the Royal Mail in the UK and will be releasing a new set of Star Wars stamps. It is a good time to be in the UK. If you live in UK we would love to get some of these stamps!

There will be a total of 18 individual Star Wars Stamps released in the UK and they will feature characters from all of the Star Wars movies.

Star Wars Stamps

Star Wars stamps have been illustrated by British artist Malcolm Tween, the stamps feature nine characters from the first six movies and three characters from the new Force Awakens movie, as well as stamps of the Millennium Falcon and a lot more.

Star Wars Stamps

You can now pre-orders these Star Wars stamps, they are available in a variety of options as a full set, or frames and prices start at £9.55 and go up to £99, you can find out more information over at the Royal Mail.

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