Russell Crowe’s Character Revealed in Sony’s KRAVEN THE HUNTER Marvel Movie

Russell Crowe

When it was revealed that Russell Crowe joined the cast of Sony’s next Marvel movie, Kraven the Hunter, there were no details on which character might be playing. Well, The Illuminerdi is reporting that Crowe will be playing Nikolai Kravinoff.

Kravinoff is the father of both Kraven and Chameleon, who are being played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Fred Hechinger (White Lotus). It’s also said that Crowe will play a big role in the film.

There are no details on how the character will be used in the story. But, in the comics, “Nikolai and his wife Anna Kravinoff were Russian aristocrats who raised their son Sergei in Volgograd Russia during the Russian Revolution. Nikolai fathered an illegitimate son, Dmitri, with Sonya Smerdyakova, one of the family’s servants. After the revolution came to an end the Kravinoffs were forced to flee eventually ending up in the United States. Nikolai died and Anna was remanded to an asylum where she committed suicide orphaning their son Sergei. Nikolai was not a kind father to either of his sons.”

It’s also described, “After the death of his parents, Sergei Kravinoff learned to stay alive by his own cunning and begins traveling eventually ending up in Africa. While in Africa Kraven discovers his natural talent for hunting, eventually becoming a famous big-game hunter and gains enhanced abilities from an herbal elixir.”

Kraven the Hunter will be released theatrically on January 13, 2023.

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