Russians Made ‘IN TRUMP WE TRUST’ Coins

Russians Made ‘IN TRUMP WE TRUST’ Coins

Donald Trump is certainly having a hard time in steadying his feet in the US, and his new Presidential orders are not making it any easier for him. and it seems like whole of U.S. and the rest of the world protesting about those decisions and on his previous statements. It’s very clear that there is no lack of reverence and support from an unprecedented “ally,” Russia.


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His fan base in the Kremlin continues to rise, the latest show of affection being these impressive silver and gold coin memorabilia featuring the Presidents visage. The commemorative minted coins have been created by Art-Grani, a Russian metal-working company, to celebrate Trump’s inauguration on 20th January 2017.

The coins may be a great gesture, but they will only be available at the retail price of $10,000 per piece, meaning only a handful enthusiasts would afford them.


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The highlight of the coin may be Trump’s face, but the other side is no less amusing. It features the Statue of Liberty along with the phrase “In Trump, we trust,” where the word “God” has been replaced by “Trump”!

The company will manufacture forty-five coins in total. Twenty-five of which are silver, five gold, and rest of the coins will be silver and gold.

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