RWBY Cosplayers Can Buy a Crescent Rose from Rooster Teeth

 Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth has released a new official line of RWBY cosplay. Now, fans can buy items for their cosplay comes with, but not limited to, Ruby’s cloak and an official Crescent Rose scythe. The scythe is made of EVA foam with metal rods for comfort and it looks cool. Unfortunately, it cannot change between scythe and sniper modes. However, it is 6’ 2” tall and comes within three pieces in a custom box that holds all the tools needed for the assembly. Crescent Rose will cost you around $400.

Meanwhile, the cloak is made of wool and “[m]easure[s] 52″ from the base on the neck to the longest part of the cape.” You can buy the cloak for about $80.

You can check out Rooster Teeth’s full cosplay collection on their store now.

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